My name is Yoshi, I am the proud father of Augie and Bruno. My wife, Livya and I have been together since the end of High School…. a story for another day and place... 20+ years now.

Augie and Bruno are our gift from GOD. There is nothing more important to me than providing them with love, great memories, proper discipline, and education. Bruno and Augie make Livya and I very proud parents.

They are loving and caring boys. Augie and Bruno are a great piano, organ and guitar players- they have been playing, singing, and studying music since they were 4 years old.

They are very competitive boys…although sometimes we need to make sure that they don’t miss their Karate and Tennis practices. I also love to watch them ridding horses.

They love skating, swimming, trampoline jumping, riding their scooters, and traveling with his friends and family. And, those Nerf guns and IPADS drive me crazy!

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