Hi- this my encounter, Augie, of my trip to Japan!

Tokyo was they first city that we went to on this trip. Tokyo is in Japan.

We got there late at night. We were trying  to deal with the jet lag. The only thing we did was eat a late dinner and then went to sleep. My mom woke up several times during the night because of the jet lag. I didn’t even wake up once during that night.

The first thing we did the next day was go to Tokyo Tower. Tokyo tower was AWESOME!!! My favorite part was when I looked down through this glass window on the top floor. My mom was too scared to sit on it like I did.

Next, we went to the Akasaka Kannon Temple. It was a Buddhist temple. Buddhism in Japan is about afterlife and death. We saw a gigantic lantern that was awesome. It was close to the Nakamise Shopping, so we went there next.

In Japan, there are huge markets that are like lines of little stores; Nakamise Shopping is one of them.  We walked a lot and got a lot of little souvenirs like keychains.   Nakamise shopping has a history of over 400 years.   After that we went to our hotel, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Next morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel and then went to the bus station to catch our tour bus. On the bus,  we took a 3 hour trip to Mount Fuji. We were very lucky that there not a lot of clouds that day. Mount Fuji is actually a dormant volcano. Did you know that?

We took a few pictures and then we went to lake Ashi to take a cruise. The cruise didn’t take that long but it was really cool. We took the cruise on a tugboat. We had a perfect view of Mount Fuji so we took lots of pictures.

The last thing we did that day was to take a cable car ride- gondola. The gondola ride was to the Mount Fuji station. The ride up was claustrophobic because there were lots of people in a tiny gondola with no ventilation. When we got up, it was so misty that we could barely see and it was really, REALLY windy, so we went down after one minute.

After, we went back to the hotel, ate at this really good place, and slept.

The following day, we ate at this AWESOME Hawaiian coffee place where I got a donut. Then we took a bullet train to Kyoto. The bullet train that we took was the fastest train in the world. It took two hours to arrive to Kyoto. In Kyoto we got to are hotel, then we took a long walk to this very famous market that was over 500 years old. It had lots of fish. We went to a coffee shop and I got a chocolate croissant.

After that exhausting day, we ate an average dinner went to our new hotel and dozed off.

The next day we joined a group tour. The first place we visited was Nijo Castle. Nijo Castle was built in 1603. The best thing there was that it had deer all over the area. We got to pet them. But it was not just like any ordinary deer petting zoo, the deer were roaming around freely! There were no gates separating the deer from the people.

There was also the biggest Buddha statue in the world!!! Then we went ta the temple of the gold pavilion. There we visited a three story building made out of pure gold. Since gold isn’t that hard, they put something under the gold to help it. Guess what? It turns out that the thing they put under the gold was actually more expensive then the gold itself!!!

After that, we went to the Imperial palace. The Imperial palace was home to the Imperial family until 1868, when the capital moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. We walked around a little and went back to the hotel. That night we did not eat at the hotel, we ate a tan Italian place. FINALLY, something not Japanese!

Today was very exiting, because we got to go to a monkey park! Before the monkey park, though, we went through the bamboo walk. The bamboo walk was very cool. The bamboo there was gigantic!!! Since I LOVE pandas and the color green, I must love Bamboo to because it’s green, AND pandas eat bamboo as there main course.

The Monkey park was right next to the bamboo walk so that was pretty convenient. We had to take a hike up the mountain to get to were the monkeys were. That hike helped me decide that really liked hiking. On the way up, there was this playground with a mini zip line. That was really fun. Then we hike the rest of the way. My favorite part though was when we got up… THE MONKEYS!!! They monkeys were really cute. Me and my brother got to feed the monkeys. My favorite monkey was this cute little baby monkey. After that, we hiked back down and went back to the hotel.

The next day we left to go to China. So I guess that’s it for this time! I hope you read about my next journal, my trip to China. My trip to Japan was very fun.  Thanks for reading , bye!