My Trip To China- Augie

In China, I stayed in a hotel in Beijing. I got to China by plane from  Japan. Since it was day time in China, me and my family went to the New world shopping mall. The mall had 8 floors. Someone let me have free soft serve Ice-cream. The ice cream was really good. My favorite floor was the floor with all the toys. The toys were surprisingly expensive compared to the U.S.A. I thought that it’d be less expensive because everything is made in China.

After the mall, we went back to our hotel and ate dinner. We ate dinner at a western-style restaurant. I loved the fried rice. After we stuffed ourselves we went to our room and slept.

The next day, we went to the jade factory. At the jade factory, a tour guide there showed us the people who carved the jade. He also showed us some very nice jade pieces. They ranged from dragons to bracelets, to pendants from earnings. The guide taught us that the older it is, the Jade will turn greener and more expensive. Then he said we were free to look around and buy things. We looked around for about a hour, then my dad finally bought a jade statue of Pi xiu which is said to bring good health, wealth and good fortune.

After that, we went to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was one of the things I liked most. We walk up the steep side. Since I love hiking, I loved climbing the Great Wall. We climbed very high, but I wanted to reach the tower. The rest of my family wanted to come back down, so we had to come back down.

We ate lunch, and then we went to a tea ceremony at a bell tower. Our tea guide let us taste all different kinds of tea. Mine and my brother’s favorite kind was a cold fruit tea. In fact, we liked it so much we bought some to take home.

The dinner at the hotel today was the same as yesterday. However, we ate different things. My mom liked the spicy cauliflower and I liked the noodles. After dinner, we went to room and went to sleep.

Next day was probably the busiest day in China. The first place that we visiwas the forbidden city. The forbidden city has 9,999 and a half rooms in it. The forbidden city was home to the emperor until the early 1900’s which was when warlords drove the emperor out of the forbidden city. In the mid 1900’s, the country decided to make it a museum. We walked for two miles then we saw the living quarters of one of the strongest political lady’s in the modern history of China…

Xuxi (pronounced shu-shee) Xuxi was the daughter of someone who worked for the emperor. The emperor thought Xuxi was beautiful so he told her to to work for him as a maid. He still thought she was beautiful so he moved up her rank. But then, while the emperor was on a trip, he died of disease. The emperors son became the emperor. Then, Xuxi killed the new emperor wife by poison. Then the emperor died of disease and Xuxis son became the emperor. Good story, right?

Next, we went to the pearl market. A “pearl market guide” showed us the freshwater clams. She asked us to guess how many pearls were in the freshwater clam that we chose. I said 7, my brother said 2, my mom said 4, and my dad said 3. But guess how many were in the clam? There were 20 pearls!!! Isn’t that crazy!!! We then went to the shop and bought a lot of jewelry for my mom. Since we bought a lot, the manager let me and my brother get 10 pearls each!

After the pearl market, we went back to the hotel and ate dinner at the same place as yesterday and the day before. But after we ate there, my dad saw a restaurant that sold eel. He said we HAD to try it before we left China because eels are delicacy in China. So we ate the eel (even though it tasted horrible). Then we slept.

Today we left to go back home. My trip is over. I hope you liked my journal about my trip to China. I love my trip to China. I hope in the future I can come to China again.